The construction division at NMG specializes in the construction of multiple private/public organizations and modular design-build projects. We are proud to say that we have singlehandedly perfected and erected a diverse range of project types, down to the last square inch.

As a turn-key solutions provider, we also focus on design and furnishing. This goes hand in hand with our construction services to determine the level of aesthetic and functionality for the building. NMG is not a mere construction company; we ensure that our services fulfill all needs. From the designing, planning, drawing, testing, managing and supervising; we provide everything needed for the construction of any project.

Our team has combined experience of over 100 years and we are proud to bring their diverse skill set to every project. Bringing together passion, capabilities, experience and a collaborative culture, we are the discerning difference in the market. Our exceptional work ethic and unmatched creativity is the reason we are capable of accepting any project and concluding it with success and satisfaction.







To bring dynamic spaces to life through sustainable construction and leading technology; empowering the world to flourish. Since our inception, NMG has been a leader in the healthcare industry. From the start we have made it our goal to tackle all of the challenging projects that come our way. Since the construction industry is potentially the toughest to flourish in, our collective philosophy of maximum effort, hard work and proactivity makes certain our impeccable standards are maintained.


To revolutionize the way people work and learn by making dynamic, sustainable spaces the only choice. We understand the purpose and importance of a sustainable and practical environment in today’s world. By transforming our approach towards the advancement of the industry, we are taking care of our future.


Artboard 1 Universal Safety Approaches The construction industry will always bring with it the risk of accidents, but we work tirelessly to minimize these risks. With our precautionary measures and the steps we have taken to reduce injury, risks and danger in our workplace, we remain constantly vigilantin enforcing the strictest safety protocols. Outstanding Delivery For as long as we stand, NMG will always strive to maintain an impeccable level of quality. Our completed projects are all delivered with distinction. Diversity As a modern solutions company, we push ourselves to the farthest realms of creativity and innovation. Straying from the norms and clichés, our firm is built on the grounds of diversity and uniqueness. Pursuit We don’t believe in giving up! This is not a a viable option for us, no matter what is the cost. We always pursue our mission and aim to achieve the highest possible standard in every piece of work that we handle. Morals and Principles Doing what is right by the laws of our morals and principles, NMG will never stray from the path of what is correct. Our clientele trust us, we support our audience and uphold our promises as an organization. Team Our teams have equal selective tastes and an eye for detail. We utilize our strengths to always delve into the specifics of every situation we are faced with. We are not afraid to ask “what if” and “why” to break barriers and achieve the impossible. A Better Tomorrow Places to discover might seem like an odd addition to a workplace, but inspiration and learning can be the key to creative problem solving and generating innovative ideas.



At NMG we create family-centered healing environments that contribute to patients’ wellbeing and their faster recovery. Our facilities exceed patients’ expectations leading to higher satisfaction for healthcare providers and caregivers.


We believe that workplace productivity is largely the result of the environment people work in. Flexible, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing workspaces increase general job satisfaction among employees, employers and clients.


To make the most of the educational environment, we need to create the schools of the future. Our innovative and highly flexible solutions inspire educators and students to reach their full potential through the interactive and fun spaces we create.


The hospitality industry requires unique and innovative designs that allow for future flexibility. Older facilities can be updated to meet 21st century needs, and NMG’s design and manufacturing efficiencies ensure the least possible amount of disruption, waste and noise.



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