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NMG creates flexible, interactive, and future-proof spaces. With our finger on the pulse of design, our organization has evolved into one of the industry’s leading innovators, combining technology with architectural solutions.

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NMG is a Design-Build workspace solution provider offering a comprehensive approach, handling everything associated with a project on behalf of the owner, including conceptual design, space planning, procurement, installation, and project management.


To inspire the world with our design support services and modular solutions by creating the best environments possible, that encompass innovation, technology and sustainability.

We provide exceptional value by leveraging our collective experience, synergistic partnerships and global presence.


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At NMG, we believe in the power of teamwork. The diversity in our skillset, experience and capabilities, along with our collaborative culture, makes NMG ideally placed to accept any challenge and deliver successful projects for different markets.

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Our team consists of creative interior designers, passionate furniture specialists, highly experienced project and construction managers, and dedicated sales and marketing professionals, with more than 100 years of combined experience when it comes to turnkey projects.

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NMG’s exceptional capabilities when it comes to executing projects quickly are the result of our highly advanced prefabricated modular solutions combined with our extensive experience and streamlined design-build process.



At NMG we create family-centered healing environments that contribute to patients’ wellbeing and their faster recovery. Our facilities exceed patients’ expectations leading to higher satisfaction for healthcare providers and caregivers.


We believe that workplace productivity is largely the result of the environment people work in. Flexible, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing workspaces increase general job satisfaction among employees, employers and clients.


To make the most of the educational environment, we need to create the schools of the future. Our innovative and highly flexible solutions inspire educators and students to reach their full potential through the interactive and fun spaces we create.


The hospitality industry requires unique and innovative designs that allow for future flexibility. Older facilities can be updated to meet 21st century needs, and NMG’s design and manufacturing efficiencies ensure the least possible amount of disruption, waste and noise.


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